Why is PR important?

Funnily enough ‘PR’ is one of those terms that we hear all the time yet many people remain a little unclear as to what exactly it is.

PR = Public Relations

It’s what can get you in the papers and onto TV. It can get you interviewed on the radio!

Ever wondered why some people, or brands are always being talked about, written about or popping up in magazines? It’s probably not coincidental.

PR is completely free; yet totally under-utilised by those not in the ‘know’.

It is when a publication or a program runs a story about you because they think their audience will be interested in it and they do so without payment.

But PR is not advertising, it’s free as it uses a range of unpaid or ‘earned’ channels such as traditional media (newspapers, radio, TV), social media and direct engagement.  Whereas advertising is when you pay a publication or program to run an ad that you’ve created. Whereas PR comes across as content endorsed by the publication or program.

Basically, PR is all about strategic communication that aims to build mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its audience, or between a person and those that they’re wanting to influence. The purpose being to specifically help businesses or individuals cultivate a positive reputation with the public.

Make sense?

In a nutshell, a PR consultant will work with an organisation to cultivate a story that depicts their client’s product, reputation or achievement, in a positive light. They’ll look to tell a story, and will work out the best avenues to reach the company’s audience – such as newspapers and magazines, social media or speaking engagements.

PR professionals also work with organisations to help manage issues and crises but that’s another area.

It’s the positive story-telling, reputation-building aspect that we’re focusing on with PR Tactics – and how you can learn to use PR yourself as an avenue for reaching your audience and building awareness of your product or brand.

Giving Back

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