8 Considerations when planning your PR

So, you’ve heard about the benefits of PR but aren’t too sure where to start.

As with anything that’s going to publicise your business – planning is everything. The first steps are quite simple but good PR, that’s going to add value to your business, takes foresight and that means dedicating some quiet time to ask yourself a few questions.

The main thing you really need to be clear about is, “What do you want to achieve for your business?”  Think about your vision and where you want to take your business.

Once this is clear in your mind you then need to clarify who your audience is. Not just in general terms of demographic either. Really think about how they live their lives, where they live, interests their might have, what makes them tick. Build a persona in your mind so you can visualise who you’re trying to reach, who you’re talking to.

Now you’re stepping more deeply into the character of your audience, have a think about what they’re reading, watching and listening to. Where do they get their news? Who or what’s informing them?

What sort of channels or groups are they interested in…because these are the ones that you need to tap into.

Once you’ve built this picture, come back to you and your business and think about the stories can you tell them. What makes your offering resonate with them? Have you any specific announcements to make? Jot these down – everything that comes to mind.

Now you want to start digging a bit deeper and working out what media hooks you have. Is your story newsworthy?  And if not, what can make it newsworthy? What would stop you in your tracks? What sets it apart?

And most importantly is your news suited to the programs and papers that your audience is tuned in to?

In summary:

  1. Clarify your vision
  2. Who’s your audience?
  3. What are they reading, watching, listening to?
  4. What stories can you tell?
  5. Is your story newsworthy?
  6. Does your story align with your audience’s media consumption?

By working through this process, you will begin to build a picture of the types of stories you can look to place, and where.

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